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September 24, 2012

November 12, 2012

December 1, 2012
IEEE Workshop on Robot Vision (WoRV) 2013
Presentation Instruction:

Oral Presentation: 20 minutes total (usually 17 min presentaion and 3 min for questions).

Poster Presentation: Poster boards are 6-feet (horizontal) by 4-feet (vertical). There is a 3-min teaser for a 3-page presentation. The poster room (Island II) is open for setup from 7 am to 3:30 pm in January 16-17.

The full program is in the Pocket Guide.


January 15

3:00-7:00pm Registration (Lobby II).

January 16

7:00-8:00am Breakfast (Lobby II)

8:00-9:40am Oral presentation session 1 (Gulf Room, Chair: Per-Erik Forssén)
  • Ilaria Gori, Sean Ryan Fanello, Francesca Odone and Giorgio Metta. A Compositional Approach for 3D Arm-Hand Action Recognition
  • Ali Sekmen and Akram Aldroubi. Subspace and Motion Segmentation via Local Subspace Estimation
  • Yutaro Ohshima, Yuichi Kobayashi, Toru Kaneko, Atsushi Yamashita and Hajime Asama. Meal Support System with Spoon Using Laser Range Finder and Manipulator
  • Zhengtao Zhang, Juan Zhang and De Xu. Design of Microassembly System and Research on Coarse-to-Fine Alignment Strategy in combination with Active Zooming
  • Yongqiang Huang and Wesley Snyder. Panorama Creation Using a Team of Robots

    9:40-10:15am Break (Lobby II)

    10:15-11:00am Plenary talk in Palm/Bay (UCCV Dongping Zhang from AMD)

    11:00-12:20pm Oral presentation session 2 (Gulf Room, Chair: Redwan Alqasemi)
  • Jingwen Dai and Ronald Chung. Sensitivity Evaluation of Embedded Code Detection in Imperceptible Structured Light Sensing
  • Mu Fang and Chi-Kit Ronald Chung. Quasi-perspective stereo-motion for 3D reconstruction
  • Rizwan Macknojia, Alberto Chávez-Aragón, Pierre Payeur and Robert Laganičre. Calibration of a Network of Kinect Sensors for Robotic Inspection over a Large Workspace
  • Hannes Ovrén, Per-Erik Forssén and David Törnqvist. Why Would I Want a Gyroscope on my RGB-D Sensor?

    12:20-1:30pm Lunch (Rusty's)

    1:30-2:30pm WoRV invited talk by Dr. Frank Dellaert from Georgia Institute of Technology (Chair: Michael Felsberg)

    2:30-3:10pm Oral presentation session 3 (Chair: Michael Felsberg)
  • Martin Levihn, Matthew Dutton, Alexander Trevor and Mike Stilman. Detecting Partially Occluded Objects via Segmentation and Validation
  • Takayuki Somei, Yuichi Kobayashi, Akinobu Shimizu and Toru Kaneko. Clustering of Image Features Based on Contact and Occlusion among Robot Body and Objects

    January 17

    7:00-8:00am Breakfast (Lobby II)

    8:00-9:40am Oral presentations session 4 (Gulf Room, Chair: Yuichi Kobayashi)
  • Liam Ellis, Nicolas Pugeault, Kristoffer Ofjall, Johan Hedborg, Richard Bowden and Michael Felsberg. Autonomous Navigation and Sign Detector Learning
  • Kai Zhou, Karthik Mahesh Varadarajan, Michael Zillich and Markus Vincze. Spatial Structure Analysis for Autonomous Robotic Vision Systems
  • Oscar De Silva and George K.I. Mann. Automated Tuning of the Nonlinear Complementary Filter for an Attitude Heading Reference Observer
  • Shanshan Zhang, Christian Bauckhage, Dominik A. Klein and Armin B. Cremers. Moving Pedestrian Detection Based on Motion Segmentation
  • Geovanni Martinez. Monocular Visual Odometry From Frame to Frame Intensity Differences for Planetary Exploration Mobile Robots

    9:40-10:15am Break (Lobby II)

    10:15-11:00am Plenary talk in Palm/Bay (WoRV Larry Matthies from JPL)

    11:00-12:30pm Poster teaser (Gulf Room)
  • 80. Henry Roncancio, André Carmona Hernandes and Marcelo Becker. Ceiling Analysis of Pedestrian Recognition Pipeline for an Autonomous Car Application
  • 51. Elahe Farahzadeh, Tat-Jen Cham and Wanqing Li. Incorporating Local and Global Information using a Novel Distance Function for Scene Recognition
  • 19. Arthur de Miranda Neto, Alessandro Corręa Victorino, Isabelle Fantoni and Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira. Real-Time Collision Risk Estimation based on Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
  • 53. Luat Do, Lingni Ma and Peter de With. Dense range images from sparse point clouds using multi-scale processing
  • 65. Kristiyan Georgiev and Rolf Lakaemper. RMSD: A 3D Real-time Mid-Level Scene Description system
  • 33. Jianhao Du and Weihua Sheng. Active View Planing for Human Observation through a RGB-D Camera
  • 9. Natasha Govender, Jonathan Claassens and Jonathan Warrell. Active Object Recognition using Vocabulary Trees
  • 57. Adham Alqassis, Cristian Castro, Thomas Ketterl, Yu Sun, Richard Gitlin, Sara Smith and Peter Savage. Laparo-Endoscopic Single Site Surgery using MARVEL--- a Novel Wireless Robotic Video Platform
  • 65. Francesco Di Corato, Mario Innocenti and Lorenzo Pollini. Visual-Inertial Navigation with Guaranteed Convergence
  • 68. Romain Marie, Ouiddad Labbani-Igbida, Pauline Merveilleux and El Mustapha Mouaddib. Autonomous robot exploration and cognitive map building in unknown environments using omnidirectional visual information only
  • 79. Jenelle Piepmeier and Samara Firebaugh. Visual Servo Control of Electromagnetic Actuation for a Family of Microrobot Devices
  • 22. Ross Creed and Rolf Lakaemper. Segment-Based Robotic Mapping in Dynamic Environments
  • 82. Jaeheon Jeong, Jane Mulligan and Nikolaus Correll. Trinocular Visual Odometry for Divergent Views with Minimal Overlap
  • 24. Johan Hedborg and Michael Felsberg. Fast Iterative Five point Relative Pose Estimation
  • 28. Bertil Grelsson and Michael Felsberg. Efficient 7D Aerial Pose Estimation
  • 2. Shaogang Ren and Yu Sun. Human-Object-Object-Interaction Affordance
  • 49. Magnus Linderoth, Anders Robertsson and Rolf Johansson. Color-Based Detection Robust to Varying Illumination Spectrum
  • 6. Kristoffer Öfjäll and Michael Felsberg. Rapid Explorative Direct Inverse Kinematics Learning of Relevant Locations for Active Vision
  • 29. Wu Yuan Xie and Chi-Kit Ronald Chung. Near Surface Light Source Estimation from a Single View Image
  • 69. Brian Peasley and Stan Birchfield. Real-Time Obstacle Detection and Avoidance in the Presence of Specular Surfaces Using an Active 3D Sensor
  • 81. Vadim Indelman, Richard Roberts and Frank Dellaert. Probabilistic Analysis of Incremental Light Bundle Adjustment

    12:30-1:30pm Lunch (Rusty's)

    12:30-3:30pm Poster Session (Island II)
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